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Faith and perseverance that is what the child of Constantine needed to live on his passion, “Music”.

Far from the star system, the artist has worked very soon with perseverance and uprightness. Love for music is present from his earliest years.


A few weeks after his birth, Daniel Lévi and all his family left Algeria for France where they settle in the town of Lyon. His childhood is flooded with Judea Arab traditional music played by his mother on the piano. The “darbouka” is his first instrument.


Daniel learnt music during 10 years at Lyon’s Music Academy and took inspiration from the greatest rhythm & blues musicians; Stevie Wonder is his major reference.


At the age of 18, he started a career of pop singer in piano bars or restaurants of the French Riviera and overseas shores where he played with local musicians.


In 1983, back from overseas islands, Daniel recorded his 1st album named “Cocktail”. A brilliant mixture of electronic music and soul, produced by Didier Marouani.


His performance in famous parisian piano-bars (le Pastel, le Bang-Bar, ..), meeting point of the whole Paris, brought him into contact with decisive people who shot him to fame. Then he started a European tour as the warm up act in Gloria Gaynor shows.


In 1991-1992, he took both the role of Chopin and Musset in “Sand & the romantics” musical, and recorded “Aime-moi comme ton enfant” (Love me as your child) in duet with Catherine Lara, french composer and creator of the show.


In 1993, Daniel Lévi is called by Disney to be the french voice of  “Aladdin” for the song of the end titles, in duet with Karine Costa. The hitplay “Ce rêve bleu” was at the top of the charts during 7 months !..


In 1996, he signed his 2nd album “Entre-Parenthèses” edited by AB Studios, composed, arranged and realised by Daniel himself, with the help of Albert Cohen as a producer.

This album is a marvel of virtuosity where different styles like jazz, soul are brilliantly mixed with oriental intonations. And for the first time, Daniel performed alone on the scene of the “Bataclan” hall in Paris. Despite a very great show, success is still to come for a larger public..

Anxious to preserve his artistic freedom, Daniel finally decided to get back in touch with one’s inner self and withdrew to the French West Indies, but he missed music very much..


In 1998, fate decreed that his friend Albert Cohen asked Daniel Lévi to have an audition for a part in the musical “The Ten Commandments” directed by french film maker Elie Chouraqui and composed by Pascal Obispo. Daniel has stood out as the best in the casting, it was a discovery! His charisma wonderfully merged into the role of Moses.


In 2001, thanks to the song “L’envie d’aimer” hit play of “The Ten Commandments”, Daniel Lévi has sold over 1.3 millions albums, and has received many french awards (Victoire de la musique, NRJ music awards, diamant album,..)


Devoured by his desire to compose, Daniel started to write his 3rd album named “Ici et Maintenant” (Here and Now), working with major arrangers Yvan Cassar and Erik Benzi.


The result is a perfect alchemy between soul, rhythm & blues and pop-rock sounds, with even a symphonic score on one song “Loin du monde”, recorded at the Air Studio with the London Philharmonic Orchestra.


This 3rd album was edited by Polydor/Universal Music in October 2002.

Twelve enthusiast titles delighting a large public, they got him to start a tour throughout France, Belgium, Switzerland, with 2 dates in March 2003 on the mythical scene of the Olympia-Hall in Paris where he had a full house!


Daniel Lévi is now recording his 4th album in association with Pascal Obispo.

No doubt this next album will be a great event ! (That will probably come early in 2005).


To be followed…

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